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Growing Together


The Ecological Greenhouse in Ein Shemer does all sorts of educational activities and courses for kids and adults, in fields such as sustainability, agriculture and nature. They have a program called Growing Together in which Jewish and Arab kids that speak different languages, Hebrew and Arabic, work in teams on various environmental activities. Through those activities, they get to build, create and learn together. Since they don’t speak the same language, it’s difficult for them to communicate with each other through words. To overcome this, a digital handbook is being put together, with visual instructions for every step of the activities. I was happy to draw dozens of illustrations for the handbook, and I’m glad that I was able to work on this project, which I think is very important and a wonderful initiative. 

"Naama has a rare combination of professionalism, creativity and phenomenal skill, and extraordinary listening, pleasantness and flexibility, which made the joint work precise, successful and enjoyable. I Highly recommend!"  Shai Haevry, instructor at the Ecological Greenhouse.


I worked again with the Ecological Greenhouse in Ein Shemer and illustrated a special project they organized for displaced persons during conflict. They prepared DIY ecological sprouting kits, which they handed out so people can spend some time on a relaxing activity with friends and family during these trying times.

DIY Sprouting Kit.jpg


As a part of a Good Deeds Day initiative, I painted my jungle cats on a 12 meters long wall of a local elementary school, together with a few other artists, under the guidance of an experienced mural painter. 

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