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Memories from Thailand

In February of last year I went on my first solo trip. I moved to different countries and cities on my own in the past, but my goal was always to work or study. After a couple of challenging years, I really wanted to experience something different, clear my mind, and just have some fun. After hearing lots of good things about it from friends, I decided to travel to Thailand for three months without planning too much in advance, other than going to Koh Phangan at some point. I didn’t want to restrict myself to a schedule, and I was hoping to just figure things out along the way. It was great to feel free and independent again, and those three months turned into five and I wish I could have stayed even longer. I hope to go back and meet some wonderful people again, visit my favorite places and explore new ones.

In the meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to go through the thousands of pictures I took during the trip and paint some of my favorite memories from Thailand. I was trying to figure out some kind of order, but then I thought maybe I should approach this like the trip and draw whatever feels right each time.

I met this cutie in Pai, a town in the north located in a green valley. It is so beautiful and calm. No matter where you turn to look, it is just gorgeous. While I was in Pai, I found one of my absolute favorite places and I hope to draw it soon.


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